Great example of customer journey mapping

Here is a great article about understanding customer touch points and channels


20 automated emails your customers won’t delete

An excellent article, here they are:

1. Welcome
2. Nursery
3. Cross-sell / up-sell
4. Alerts
5. Promo reminder
6. Augmented transactional message
7. Product reviews
8. Customer surveys
9. Wish list
10. Abandon
11. Browse
12. Social media
13. Post-purchase
14. Automated newsletter
15. Birthday
16. Anniversary
17. Loyalty / reward program
18. Re-engagement
19. Re-permission
20. Win back

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Have you got your mobile marketing strategy?

I remember a few years back people talking about mobile marketing being the next big communication channel and guess what, it’s here. With the ever increasing penetration of smart phones and mobile devices such as the ipad and various other tablets, mobile communications is at another level.

We constantly hear about marketer’s wanting to reach, engage and interact with their consumers 24/7 and this has now become truly possible.

In fact some of the key stats and trends about the importance of being mobile optimised and how it drives traffic and engagement is highlighted below, click on the links and check it out, some useful infographics.