CTA- Yes I am talking about CALL TO ACTION!

So you have spent lots of time, money and resource in designing nice Websites, Email Campaigns to encourage more traffic to your site etc…but what about CTA?

Many people UNDERESTIMATE the IMPORTANCE of  CALL TO ACTIONS. Get this right and you will see your conversions go through the roof. (Ok maybe a bit exaggerated but you know what I mean) Right I am going to keep it short so here is the checklist below,

-Don’t just have the direct ‘buy now‘, ‘get a quote‘, etc,

-Give tham a reason to click eg..Click to learn more, review colours and styles

-Use the softer ‘find out more’ style to engage

-Use simple English, think about your customers…

-Make sure your CTA button is CLEARLY VISIBLE

-Use different Colours, yes SIZE is important so Bigger is better


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