Do you measure email campaign performance for each domain?

Ok so we all measure campaign performance like delivery rates, open rates, click throughs, unsubs etc… but have you ever digged deeper into your stats to see what it looks like via each domain?

Group your campaign results via each domain like your Gmail mail, yahoo, hotmail etc… you will find your results vary for each domain.  Are some domain users like gmail or yahoo more receptive to your campaigns then others?

Next time measure your campaign stats across each domain and you will find interesting results.


An interesting article about Images, Paths & Spam Filtering

I like you thought whats in a name? well I read an interesting article which may actually suprise you, for example

What’s the problem with this image link?

<img src=””&gt; >>>

Click below and find out

Trigger emails – its important!

Trigger emails are emails that are sent according to cutomers action or a piece of data that tells us something useful about the recipient.  Again timing is very important.  Some examples are..

-Welcome messages (a response to a sign up)

-Emails sent out on a customer’s birthday (targeted promotion will also increase open rates)

-Post-purchase follow up emails (like other recommeded products/ services for you..Amazon are good at this)

-Email sent to a customer who viewed an item online, but did not  complete the transaction (like customer’s leaving at checkouts..remarketing can make a difference and increase conversions.  Give them an additional incentive like free delivery to complete the transaction.)

-Pre orders (stock updates)

Do you have social network presence on your emails?

I have seen many organisations that have some sort of icons or links for facebook, twitter etc.. on their emails but there are still many that have no presence at all. 

Here are just some reasons why you should not miss out!

-Helps build more brand awareness

-Build your database with new potential customers

-Create more interaction and engage with your customers

-Share news about your company products and services

The Whats the difference Between Opt-In and Double Opt-In?

Many people have heard of these terms but are not sure what this means.  Below is your answer,

  • Email addresses on a (single) opt-in list are not confirmed. Anybody can submit anybody’s address to the list, and it will be there until it is unsubscribed.


  • On a double opt-in list, all email address must be confirmed before they are added. A request for confirmation is sent to the submitted address and the address owner must take some action to confirm that
    • she is the owner of the email address,
    • the address is working and
    • she indeed wants to subscribe.
  • (Ref:

What key details should be above the fold on e-commerce site..

I read an interesting article..right lets get straight to the point, summary below


-Nav Links and site search

-Key information..deliverys, offers etc

-Basket / checkouts

-Brand / Logo

Product page

-Product description and price

-Product images

-Call to action

Reference: utm_medium=email&utm_source=topic

CTA- Yes I am talking about CALL TO ACTION!

So you have spent lots of time, money and resource in designing nice Websites, Email Campaigns to encourage more traffic to your site etc…but what about CTA?

Many people UNDERESTIMATE the IMPORTANCE of  CALL TO ACTIONS. Get this right and you will see your conversions go through the roof. (Ok maybe a bit exaggerated but you know what I mean) Right I am going to keep it short so here is the checklist below,

-Don’t just have the direct ‘buy now‘, ‘get a quote‘, etc,

-Give tham a reason to click eg..Click to learn more, review colours and styles

-Use the softer ‘find out more’ style to engage

-Use simple English, think about your customers…

-Make sure your CTA button is CLEARLY VISIBLE

-Use different Colours, yes SIZE is important so Bigger is better